Economic Development

European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

  • 22.03.2018 - Training on Food Safety for Primary Production (Lefka/ Lefke)
  • 20.03.2018 - Training on Financial Performance and Benchmarking for SMEs (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 20.03.2018 - Old Town Clusters Training (Mağusa/ Famagusta)
  • 13.03.2018 - Brand Management Training (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 08.03.2018 - E-Commerce Training (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 06.03.2018 - Entrepreneurship Training (Galateia/ Mehmetcik)



The overall objective of the Sustainable Economic Development and ICT Sector Programme (SECOND Project), undertaken between June 2010 and September 2013, was to support the economic and social development of the Turkish Cypriot community in a sustainable manner.

The SECOND Project consisted of two components:

  • Component 1: To prepare businesses for compliance with the EU acquis, to contribute to the growth of the private sector and to the diversification of the local economy, and to improve the quality of business services available to the private sector.
  • Component 2 – ICT: To increase the take-off of ICT technologies and competences across all sectors of society.
  • Some key results include: Support to the preparation of a private sector development strategy, development of an E-business Strategy, Innovation, Research and Development Plan, ICT Curricula Requirements Report, design of a model database for SMEs, provision of over 40 trainings and 300 individual consultancy sessions, networking meetings with over 100 participants, publishing of several guidebooks on topics including marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, EU food safety and hygiene standards for meat, dairy, bakery producers and traders, starting a business, secure ICT uptake and introduction to the internet world and the undertaking of Nicosia and Famagusta Downtown Initiatives.
Reports produced by the SECOND project can be accessed from relevant topics under ‘Business Questions’ heading.