Economic Development

European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

  • 22.03.2018 - Training on Food Safety for Primary Production (Lefka/ Lefke)
  • 20.03.2018 - Training on Financial Performance and Benchmarking for SMEs (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 20.03.2018 - Old Town Clusters Training (Mağusa/ Famagusta)
  • 13.03.2018 - Brand Management Training (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 08.03.2018 - E-Commerce Training (Lefkoşa/ Nicosia)
  • 06.03.2018 - Entrepreneurship Training (Galateia/ Mehmetcik)


Corporate Governance

A company’s competitive position can be greatly enhanced by a management structure that provides for an increased focus on the control and reporting functions of management boards, and greater clarity to the respective responsibilities of directors, shareholders and auditors. Thus, corporate governance – complementing good management and helping to establish clear management roles and responsibilities – identifies the system of rules and processes that an enterprise is directed and controlled with. Indeed, it provides a framework for a company to achieve its objectives, covering virtually all management aspects from strategies and action plans to performance measurement.

The European Union has been promoting the adaption of best practices in corporate governance in order to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs and to enhance private sector development. Adaptation of good corporate governance has proven to provide several benefits to enterprises in order to meet the challenges of the current business environment.


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